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One of the great Greek lyrists and few known female poets of the ancient world, Sappho was born some time between 630 and 612 BC.Her love poetry would have been composed to music, such as the tune heard above The lyre (left) is a string instrument known for its use in Greek classical antiquity and later.The right image shows the Seikilos epitaph, the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition.

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The NT is losing hundreds of thousands of pounds under the reciprocal arrangement – as its own members pay a premium to enjoy unlimited admission to stately homes and castles compared to visiting tourists.

An estimated 80,000 people who live in England belong to the Scottish trust.

But if each one became a full member of the NT in England instead, it would boost the charity’s income by £1.52million a year And The Mail on Sunday has discovered that some cunning residents of England and Wales are even taking advantage of the loophole themselves to download the membership forms for foreign organisations and sign up on the cheap.

But if each one became a full member of the NT in England instead, it would boost the charity’s income by £1.52million a year.

Adult membership of the NT costs £58 a year in England but people who join the equivalent heritage body over the border pay as little as £39, meaning the English pay a 49 per cent premium for very similar benefits.

John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said he was surprised the loophole had not been closed already.

‘This is quite a serious amount of money we’re talking about and if so many people from England and Wales are joining the Scottish organisation, I’m surprised the National Trust hasn’t done something about this.

It says heritage trusts in Zimbabwe, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man have strict membership rules and would not allow anyone living full-time in Britain to join their organisations to exploit the free entrance perk at NT properties.

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